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The Proof is in the Pudding – Video Training #3 is Ready!

The Proof is in the Pudding- Video Training #3 for Listing Experts Academy is ready for you to view. 


You should have your email today with your link to video #3 – The video starts off with me explaining to you about the case studies for about 6 minutes and then we move right into the training.


Listing Experts Academy Katerina Gasset Real Estate Listing Agent Training, Real Estate agent broker coaching consulting, SEO for agents


I go over the case studies with you to show you how you can dominate on google and why it is essential to dominate 7 out of 10 spots on page one of the Google SERPS.


Please take notes during this video presentation as their are quite a few golden nuggest sprinkled throughout the presentation. You can actually start today after watching the video to implement some of the strategies I tell you about.


In case you are not on the Listing Experts Academy notification list you can sign up here: 


Listing Experts Academy


You will be asked for your name and email address.


Then you will be taken to a page that explains the double opt in confirmation process that aweber ( the email service provider) has in place. Please follow the instructions. After you add your name and email- you will need to check your email and click on the confirmation link that is sent to you. By doing this, you are giving me permission to send you information. You may unscubscribe whenever you want to.


The number one reason subscribers are not getting the links to the videos is because they have not completed the confirmation process. I can not add you to the list without your clicking on that confirmation link.


That email may be in your junk or spam mailbox so check there too. The last video will be video #4 before we open the doors.

Video #2 Is Ready- Listing Experts Academy

Video 2 Listing Experts Academy

Video #2 Is Ready- Listing Experts Academy


Video #2 is a great training- the video starts off with the introduction from me but we move into the real training on slides in a timely manner. Make sure that you click the link inside of the video #2 to get to the training video.


Video # 2 is ready for Listing Experts Academy! - Real Estate Training by Katerina Gasset


Video #1 goes through all the 9 modules that are inside of Listing Experts Academy and a couple of the bonus videos.


How do you get to the videos? 


1. Make sure you are on the Listing Experts Academy notification email list.


If you are not on the list- get on the list by clicking here:


Get on the list plus 5 keys to Listing Strategies! 


2. Make sure you checked your email and clicked on a confirmation link that aweber sends out to you to make sure you asked to be on the list.


You may have to check your spam or junk email boxes.


If you still don't see the link please contact my office at 561-753-0135 and Cheska will get your info over to Joy or Leslie who will call you back and help you get a new link or some other remedy. 


3. Check your email from Tuesday. The link to the Video # 2 was sent out this past Tuesday at 10 a.m. and then later in the afternoon another email was sent out because the link to the video in the first email decided to take a hike ever after it was confirmed.:) ( Technology:)) The sender is Coach Katerina ( At Sign)


4. Check your email from Thursday last week. That email was from Coach Katerina ( At Sign) That email has the video #1 link in it.


One of the modules covers SEO and why you need to be on page one on Google and a map on how to get there.


One of the most important bonuses you get by being a member of Listing Experts Academy: SEO Updates – Lifetime SEO Updates! 


The reason I do the SEO Updates for no fee if you are a member is because as long as I have been doing courses like SEO To The Top and SEO Extreme I have always felt it was not right of me to charge money for the updates Google does to their algorithm. It is an ethics thing with me. It is an important choice I years ago that I would not charge when Google makes an update to report that update to you.

Listing Experts Academy- Video Training #1 is Live!

Listing Experts Academy – Video Training #1 is Live! 

Listing Experts Academy Katerina Gasset

If you are on my email list to get notified about the training videos to get ready for Listing Experts Academy- that email was sent to your inbox this past Thursday.


Please look for that email and click on the link that takes you to the first video in preparation for Listing Experts Academy. I go through what we will be covering in the 9 modules and also some of the bonus modules.


If you did not receive the email with the link in it – then sign up here to get my emails about Listing Experts Academy:


There will be a series of 4 videos in total. Please watch them as they are published so you don't miss out on getting into Listing Experts Academy. There will be a limited number of spaces and once all those slots are taken, the program will close for any newcomers.

Listing Experts Academy – Behind the Scenes and How You Can Get Ready

Listing Experts Academy – Behind the scenes and How You Can Get Ready

While we are getting ready to launch Listing Experts Academy towards the middle to end of this month there are a few things that you can do in order to be ready for the trainings when they start.


If you want to be a listing agent- take the time to think this through. 

Listing Experts Academy Katerina Gasset Real Estate Speaker Trainer Realtor Consultant Coach


Write down the reasons why you want to be a listing agent.


There are many agents who will join Listing Experts Academy that are moving from being buyers agents.
There are some agents who are leaving teams to start their own teams or just go solo. Doing so, puts them in the position to be listing agents. 


There are brokers and owners who have been in the REO side of the business for the last 7 to 8 years and are now transitioning back into the traditional side and want to focus on listings.  


Next, write down the time that you are going to set aside to focus on the goal of listings.


If you are not going to make the time to learn and market to get listings- you will not go very far. Planning and then executing your plans- make this is a priority. 


Make sure you have your support system set up now.


What are you going to do with the buyer leads you get? Do you have a referral broker to give them to so that you can get referral checks in your mailbox? Do you have a team member or a buyers agent that is working with you? Know what you are going to do with the assets that you currently have. 


Last but not least- Get on the list now so you don't miss out on the videos I am creating to help you be the listing agent in your market:

Do You Have To Make Cold Calls to Get Listings?

Do you have to make cold calls to get listings? 


In the latest survey we sent out asking agents: “what is the number one obstacle for them to get listings”, one of the top entries was that you don't like to make cold calls. 


There is a huge misconception in the industry that is still prevalent today and that is that you need to make cold calls to get listings.   

Hate Cold Calling- real Estate agent coaching- Listing Experts Academy

One of the questions that agents ask me before they choose to go into my private coaching program is if I am going to require them to make cold calls because that is what most coaches seem to require. 


My philosophy on cold calling is different. 


If you like to make cold calls- then that is great! Keep doing it! Ramp it up! If you like to make cold calls you have a great skill that many people do not have which is going to place you up front. That is a great asset for your marketing tool box. 


If you hate to make cold calls- don't make them! It is not going to do you any good to make cold calls if you have a fear of cold calling or simply just don't like to make them. 


When your broker or trainer or coach tells you that you need to face your fears and just make the cold calls- that is something you just don't have time for. Let me explain the psychology behind this: 


When you are in a business to make profits you need to focus on and improve upon your strengths not your weaknesses. Sure it is great to face your fears but do that on another day- not on your income producing days. 


When you concentrate too much on your weaknesses you never get out of the starting gate. 


Let's illustrate this and see if you can relate to this in any way: 

You are told to make cold calls so you decide you are going to wake up at 7 a.m to get ready to make your cold calls starting at 8 a.m. You need to make 21 cold calls before 10:00 a.m. That is your assignment. You are saying out loud to yourself that you can do this. 


So then this becomes your morning: 

7:00 a.m. wake up, take your shower, get dressed, etc. 

8:00 a.m. make your coffee, grab  breakfast – after all you were supposed to start making calls at 8:00. 🙂 

8:15 a.m. oh no, you forgot to put your laundry in the dryer last night- put clothes in dryer before they smell yucky

oh dear, the doggie needs to go out for a walk again- take doggie out for a walk

8:40 a.m. you need to just really fast, really fast, check your emails

9:30 a.m. oh, better stop checking emails and returning emails and start making your cold calls 

but wait- there may just be a referral waiting for you in Facebook- let's just check in- ( we all know what happens then:)) 

10:30 a.m. wow, how time got away from you- Facebook can do that! 

but now you need to get a drink of water- then you see the kitchen is a mess and you better just put a few dishes in the dishwasher, that will only take a  minute then you promise yourself you will get to the cold calls

11:00 a.m. the phone rings, it is a current client- take care of their needs- after all, that is more important, right? 🙂 

11:30 a.m. time to make lunch, if you make an early lunch than you can get to those cold calls sooner:) 


This cycle keeps going on and soon you look up at your clock and realize it is the end of the day and you never made the cold calls. 


You can subsitute the procrastinator tasks if you are at your office or anywhere. It all is based on the same behavior- that is very natural for all of us humans. 


You will avoid that which is painful for you to do as long as you can put it off. 


So there is no benefit to make cold calls if you don't want to. You are wasting valuable income producing hours in the day in order to try to force yourself to do something you don't want to do. 


Instead- focus on the skills you have that you love to do! If you love to write- blog away!!! Blogging will get you listings and buyers! 


If you love to network in person, join BNI or another networking group in your area. 


In Listing Experts Academy we will be covering how to maximize your time and tasks so that you can focus on the aspects of your business that you love to do. 


Make sure you are on our first to be notified list for Listing Experts Academy. You will want to get on the email list now because we will be providing some great video content before the doors open to get you started! Click here to get on the list- Listing Experts Academy. 

Listing Experts Academy – Be the Agent of Choice in Your Niche Market

Listing Experts Academy will be opening in mid-October. 

Thanks for all the many emails and inquiries about this awesome academy where you will get the best practices along with tactical steps and strategies, how to's and systems that work in order for you to become the listing agent of choice in your niche market. 

The case studies that are going on are absolutely exciting and already have amazing results! 

Here is another example of one of our case studies. This is for a keyword term that sellers use to find agents to list their properties. I did mark it out on this particular screen shot. 

We are testing and pushing the limits of what we can do with some other keyword phrases that can be sacrificed should something go wrong:). 

In this screen shot you see that we have all 9 of 10 spaces on page one of Google. 

Listing Experts academy Katerina Gasset real estate agent coaching, seo for agents real estate seo, dominate google page one


But take note: Listing Experts Academy is not just about dominating at least 7 out of 10 spaces on page one on Google. 

Listing Experts Academy – the first launch will be taught live by Katerina Gasset. We will be covering expired listings, listing presentations, networking for listings, direct mail and much much more. 

We get a lot of requests for brokers and agents to “shadow” us in our business. But this is even better. Because you can implement each module right away and then we will also record all the trainings so you have access to them during the courses. 

In case you have not signed up for Listing Experts Academy yet- do so right now- go here:

You will get my free 5 key strategies to getting listings when you sign up for the Listing Experts Academy notification emails and of course tips along the way. 

Do You Know YOUR Best Keyword Phrase to get Listings?

Do You Know YOUR Best Keyword Phrase to get Listings? 

This is just one of the many topics we will be covering in depth in Listing Experts Academy. This is called, “highest and best commercial intent keywords”.

You won’t be finding any SEO gurus defining or leveraging keywords with highest and best commercial intent.

But the one thing to remember with this ninja strategic move is that you MUST dominate page one on Google for this to work to your best benefit.

Check out what one of my coaching clients did- she totally dominates page one on google for a very specific keyword that she and I discovered as one with high commercial intent and value-

Not only does she dominate but her efforts are paying off! She just got a $850,000 horse farm listing because the seller found her for this keyword online!!!!


These strategies work!

Sign up for my Listing Experts Academy early bird notification list now and get my free 5 key strategies for Getting the Sellers To Call You to List!

Go here now:


Stay tuned for more updates on Listing Experts Academy. We are shooting for an early October launch date so make sure you keep up with our updates!!!


P.S. She dominated the SERPS by the end of June, she landed the listing by the end of July! You do the math:)