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Do You Have an Online Marketing Strategy?

Do you have an online marketing strategy? 

The data clearly shows according to research that Copyblogger has done that only 39% of B2B small businesses have a  written content marketing strategy. 

I will venture to assume that for B2C small businesses, it will be lower or about the same. 

I hear it all the time: 

“I know I need to blog but I don't have the time.” 

“I know I need to delegate but I don't have the funds.” 

“I know I need to have a plan for my business, but I don't know how to do it.”

” I know I need to have an online business strategy but I don't know where to start.” 

Sometimes these excuses are based in fear and sometimes they are based in simply not knowing what steps to take. 

Do You Have an Online Marketing Strategy?

You can work through it. You can be successful in getting listings, leads and referrals from blogging, search engine marketing, SEO strategies, networking, content marketing and developing relationships online. 

You may be attending a lot of great classes and webinars and walk away with notebooks full of great ideas but you know that you will just be putting all those notes on your desk and not really adding them to your content marketing strategies. 

Some people feel overwhelmed with the amount of information there is to digest when putting together your online marketing campaigns. 

We offer strategy sessions. You don't need to get into my full coaching programs in order to take advantage of developing your business strategy. 

It is almost the end of January in 2015 ~ how is your strategy working for you so far this year? 

Let's fine tune your existing strategy or create a new one so that you can actually make sense of all the stuff you need to do with your blogging, networking and social engagement. 

I have 3 strategy session times available on Thursday and 2 on Friday. 

Please email me at coachkaterina ( at sign) to request your strategy session or text me at 561-502-1577 with your name and email address. 

Looking forward to helping you get on the right track for this great new year! 


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Katerina Gasset has been teaching, speaking and blogging about SEO since 2007. She walks her talk. Whatever she is teaching you how to do, she does for her companies and for her clients.

Katerina was the keynote speaker for ActiveRain in Atlantic City teaching agents how to get listings from blogging on the internet. Katerina has been quoted in Forbes magazine, keynote presenter for RealBird webinars, REBAR camp instructor, private consultant for brokers and agents around the U.S. and Canada.

She has spoken at REOMAC events, NAHREP and AREAA conferences and trainings on SEO, Social Media, Branding and internet marketing.

Katerina has successfully helped agents get to page one on Google. Katerina founded Listing Experts Academy in order to get all the branding, SEO and online marketing trainings in one place for easy access for members.

Katerina is the top blogger on ActiveRain, a real estate network with over 250,000 members.

She lives with passion, her presentations are energetic and full of actionable steps. Anyone who hears Katerina speak walks away with not just the knowledge and how to's but also the motivation to get going to the top of their business and Google!


Katerina has been a real estate agent since 1983. She has been licensed in California, Washington state and Florida. Her husband, Nestor Gasset owns International Properties & Investments LLC – a real estate brokerage in Wellington Florida.


My Top Prediction for SEO in 2015

SEO for agents real estate SEO -branding personal brand

My Top Prediction for SEO in 2015 

With all the talk, double-talk, assumptions and guessing about what is what with SEO these days there are a few things you can count on no matter what happens with Google and other search engines. 

You will not go wrong by drilling down into your niche, flying under the radar of the big 4.

Choose terms that their SEO departments are not going after. These big guys spend over a $100,000 a day for PPC and they want the biggest bang for their buck so they are not going to piddle around with terms that you can still make good contacts, closings and income from. 

My top prediction for SEO moving forward is about branding. 

I believe that just as I stated about 9 years ago that it was time to start building your own personal brand on the internet because Google is all about brand. 

They have a patent for their Panda algorithm that specifically discusses the importance of ranking search results. 

Then add on to that the fact that Eric Schmidt (when he was CEO of Google) stated that the internet is a cesspool and that brands would be who cleans it up. 

Think about why the big 4 were able to capture so many top spots on Google page one for the very terms that real estate agents for years before the arrival of those “brands” were dominating by themselves. The problem was agents were driving their sites with IDX and home search results trying to be the search engine for the home buyers in anonymity which came back to bite them because that is absence of brand.

Moving forward into 2015 there are ways in which you can beat the big 4 in organic search using SEO and I predict that this will by establishing the following brands: 

1. Your name or your name + real estate agent as a brand ( if you have a famous actor's name)

2. Your company name ( if you are the broker/ owner) as a brand

3. Your niche keyword terms as a brand

There was such a misconception in the SEO world about brands for years before Panda and Penguin, etc. The focus was on generic keywords and not brands.  For years, that thinking was put into practice. I have always stated from the beginning of learning SEO that creating your brands online was going to be the way that you can set yourself apart from your competitors.

Those who followed this advice weathered the storm of Panda and Penguin and of the big 4 dominance on the SERPS.

If you are not one of those, it is not too late to start establishing yourself as a brand on the internet in 2015.

We started really working to dominate our company brand on the internet about 6 months ago. Before that for years we had some competing real estate companies who share the same name as our company: International Properties and Investments LLC.  One of those companies had almost the entire page of page one on google serps packed in for them. 

Today I looked to see how we are doing and to my pleasant surprise, in Google incognito window and logged out of Google, we have ALL 10 spaces on page one with our company name and platforms that have our company profiles.

  • Our point 2 agent website is #1 with our Google local page attached,
  • #2 is the brand new EMD (Exact Match Domain) site that I am in the process of creating which will become our branded main company website,
  • #3 is a Yelp review about our brand, company name,
  • #4 is our facebook business page for our company,
  • #5 is our ActiveRain profile,
  • #6 and #7 is our market leader website,
  • #8 is our Google plus business page,
  • #9 is our Pinterest business company name page and
  • #10 is a YouTube playlist named for our company brand on my personal YouTube channel. 

My Top Prediction for SEO in 2015

My Top Prediction for SEO in 2015

Get your Free SEO Field Guide – containing your checklists of onpage and offpage SEO tasks, click here.

We can teach you how to do this yourself in our SEO courses or you can order done for you packages which include our virtual assistants to help you with your marketing. 

ListHub Listing Agreement Ends With Zillow

ListHub Listing Agreement Ends With Zillow 

The contract that Zillow has with ListHub expired on April 7, 2015. 

ListHub has had a contract and provides the data to the big Z of all of our listings. who operates owns the listing syndicator, ListHub. was acquired by News Corp in December. 

Right now the big Z gets a few hundred thousand listings out of the 3.6 million that are displayed on Z now. 

They have been getting the listings fed to their site since 2011 through ListHub. 

The contract is not going to be renewed. A spokesperson for Z said that they are going directly to the MLS participants and brokers to get the data feeds and they are building their own listing syndication tool. They plan to get more listings from our MLS providers. 

ListHub Listing Agreement Ends With Zillow

Florida REALTORS magazine reports: 

In a statement, Move Inc. said that “ListHub has been negotiating in good faith a new listing distributing and reporting agreement with Zillow on terms that reflect the best interests of the brokerage industry. As communicated in public announcements, Zillow decided to end those negotiations and announced the launch of their own platform. Zillow chose their own route for their business model and interests.”

Z does not see any issues with converting the data over to the Data Dashboard broker feeds since many of the listings that will get shut off are those in large urban sectors. The only ones that they think might not get pulled in are some rural areas. 

You can see where each side stands. We have said in the past that the business model of z was to create their own model.  I think that many of the things that they “said” are going to be different than what they are going to end up doing. Something to think about…

SEO for Agents- The Story of A Million Links

SEO For Agents- The Story of A Million Links 

If you do your own SEO for your real estate sites and blogs then you most likely know that having website domains with high authority linking to your website or blog is important and always has been. 

Years ago, any link would do to help get Google bots to take notice, to crawl those links over to your site. Many real estate agents started setting up what Google calls, “Link Farms”, which are against the terms of service of Google. 

Now many of those real estate agents are contacting us with calls of “Help, our site is no where to be found!” 

real estate SEO- Website Audits Detox Disavow

When we are consulted about these instances and we run the scans on the sites- over 90% of them have been hit with a Google penalty because of their ‘artificial link structure'. 

Sometimes the real estate agents admit to knowing they participated in a link scheme but most do not even know. Sometimes competitors deliberately create bad links to competing sites. 

One broker/owner contacted us because her site was no where to be found on Google. I suspected that she was part of a low level junky link farm because her site was de-indexed. 

She is the owner of a large brokerage and a lot of agents who work for her, depend on the site's traffic for leads. 

She had just spent thousands of dollars for a brand new website and was not aware of approving ANY links to her site. 

The biggest problem was that she had kept her old domain. Of course, we want to keep our older domains because they most often have a good reputation with Google and the older the domain, the more trustworthy the domain is. 

But links follow the domains! 

So building a new website but keeping your domain won't solve a bad linking problem and won't get your site back in the good graces of Google. 

She had to keep her domain because it was her brand, the name of her company! 

Just as I had suspected, she was part of a linking scheme that she was not even aware of. What happened is that years ago, she had a site. had at one time been given a Google slap and has since recovered but left a lot of agents' domains in the mud. 

When we ran the audit on her site ( domain) we discovered that there were over 1 Million links pointing to her domain! 

Obviously if you are not one of the big ZTRs of real estate it is not likely or natural for you to have 1 million links to your website. 

What to do? 

She had to run a detox and disavow project for her website. She had a choice: she could do this herself or she could hire Dave and I to do this project. Obviously as a busy broker she chose the latter. 

It took some time since Google does not allow us to submit that many links to disavow at one time. 

Once we ran the detox and the disavow project- and waited about one week- her site was re-indexed.

We found her on page 22 on the SERPS and then day by day she slowly climbed back into the good graces of the top 3 pages on Google SERPS. Then it was time to add on page SEO to get her to page 1. 

If you have found that your site is somehow no where to be found you may have been hit with a Google penguin penalty or you may just have bad SEO practices. 

Site audits are the best solution to start with. Your site audit will tell you what is wrong with your site and if you have been penalized and if you have, what the solutions may be. 

If your audit uncovers bad links linking to your site you can disavow those bad links. 

Text me if you need more information about site audits and detoxing your sites at 561-502-1577. 



Real Estate SEO | Google Maps | Red Square Boxes

Real Estate SEO | Google Maps | Red Square Boxes  

If you do a search for your keywords and you get the local google 7-pack ( or 6-pack or 4-pack:)) on page one on Google you may have noticed that there are red squares on the Google local map. 

The red squares with the white squares in the middle of them  are the top search results for businesses that match the query for the results on the page you are on.  So for instance, if you are on page one, the red squares will be the businesses on the map that show up in the top 10 businesses ( local). 

Temecula property management screenshot of the serps with google local map

You may also notice there are symbols ( icons) inside of some of the icons and some have a star. Google does not have a lot of icons for all the different types of businesses out there so they will use a little square inside of the circle if there is not an icon match. Some of the icons are shopping bags which obviously are used for retail and a knife and fork would be used for restaurants. 

But not all searches will show the same. A lot of google local search is determined with personal search. If you are logged in or logging on from different areas, your results will vary. 

The red markers with a white square in it are the top results. The little tiny red squares are the rest of the results. And the gold markers are for the paid ads. 

home health care screenshot with google local maps with results

This applies if your search pulls up the local 7-packs or not on your results page. Now tomorrow, as with everything ‘google local' this could all change:). Google continues to tweak ‘google local'. 

Real Estate SEO Still Works- RESULTS prove it!

Real Estate SEO Still Works- RESULTS Prove It! 

One of our Listing Experts Academy members is getting amazing results on page one on Google for his new keywords that he is going after. This broker owner dominates the short sale listing market in his geo area. However, since short sales are dwindling he knew that he needed to focus on another niche, this one happens to be property management. 

Property management in most cities is highly competitive and dominated by big box offices that specialize in management of multiple residences and apartment buildings. With that in mind we decided to go after longer tail keywords and focus on reputation management at the same time. 

Reputation management is important to all businesses now however there are some niches where it is vitally more important than others. Property management is one of those niches because one angry tenant can blame the broker for something that goes wrong and then blast the internet with all kinds of accusations along with bad reviews. So setting yourself up out in front on page one for many keyword terms is part of the best practices for managing your reputation online. 

Along with the membership in Listing Experts Academy, Sidney also hired me to do a strategy session with him to work on the best keywords to go after. 

Then he hired our virtual assistant team to help him get to page one on Google for the first set of keywords. 

Within 14 days ( 2 weeks)  he was on page one for 2 of his keywords (first set of keywords phrases)  and within another 14  days he totally rocked out the first page of Google. He has 7 out of 10 spots on page one on Google for the first set of keywords. This is what we teach in Listing Experts Academy because when you are going after the longtail keywords you get less traffic but the traffic is better qualified.

Real Estate SEO results Katerina Gasset Coach Katerina Business Strategist


This also means that you need to capture more of the traffic which does land on page one. By dominating page one with all of your touch points and verticals- you are front and center and the odds are in your favor that one of your verticals will get the “click”.

What are the common denominators for getting these results? Listing Expert Academy, Strategy sessions with Coach Katerina and the virtual assistant team to help implement the strategies.

Text to work with me: 561-502-1577.





Google Signals- Is The End Coming Soon for Google +?

Google Signals- Is the End Coming Soon for Google +? 

There have been some interesting updates by Google lately as related to their huge push to really get Google + to be a social network and compete in the networking space. 

I actually really like Google +. I love the communities that you can build and for many ideas and forums, it is perfect. However, for the majority of people Google + just did not offer anything big enough to have them either add Google + to their social networking tasks or to engage on the platform. 

Facebook just does not offer the same kinds of communities that Google + does. For instance, I love San Francisco. I used to live in San Francisco. So when I go to San Francisco I naturally take a lot of photos of my favorite places there, etc. To keep my heart in San Francisco one of the things I did was to start a community on Google + called San Francisco. I post my photos there but also people from San Francisco join the community and add their photos and conversation. I love that. 

On the other hand, for buyers and sellers here in South Florida- Google + is just not being used by those consumers. Most of our networking is peer to peer inside of the real estate communities. Referrals are great too! 



In 2012 Google made a really big push for you to have a Google + account when you signed up for YouTube, Adwords, etc. It looked like it was forced, but actually it was very difficult to find a way to skip that step. 

This no longer is the case. There was no big announcement about it. It just happened. Now you don't need to have a Google + account. Without being so “in your face” with the signups, new users won't be joining as frequently and that is one of the silent signals that Google + is going down. 

In April the person at Google who handled Google + ( Vic Gundotra) announced he was leaving Google. Did he see the writing on the wall? 

Of course we all remember how this past June, Google killed authorship and snippets including author photos and circle counts. I have my own opinion about why this happened but that would be another post. Most people believe that this is also a silent signal that the end of Google + is going to be coming down the pipeline. 

A very important component to Google + is  “Hangouts”. This was the one part of the platform that differentiated itself from other social networks. Now Google Hangouts is available as an app even if you do not have a Google + account. That is another silent signal. 

There is talk in the tech world that Google is planning to open up a photo service called Google + Photos where Google is not going to require you to have a Google + account in order to use this product. 

So they have moved their hangouts out of the Google + only arena and looks as if the photos will also go that way. Without those 2 main pieces there is nothing much left for regular users that would make them stay or open up a Google + account. Without new members opening up new accounts- the social piece of Google + will not be able to survive. 

Google has been getting rid of local biz six packs which is a good thing because for real estate related sites, the local agents traffic went up when that happened, not down. But is that another silent signal? It seems like a lot of work going to waste especially after Google just recently integrated your google local pages into Google+. 

It seems by looking at this information that Google is quietly taking apart Google + piece by piece. 

Of course you should never have all of your eggs in one basket but if they are all in the Google + basket, I suggest strongly that you start taking your content out and getting a plan B for your eggs going. 

There are some quite awesome SEO benefits to being on Google +. You can even build out nice content pages using #hashtags and long tail keywords and then link to those pages. Every post you write on Google + has its own URL that you can market. That helps to get your content to show up oin the SERPS. Our Google + pages still show up in the SERPS. What will happen to those SERPS only time will tell. 

It is recommended that you begin to shift your focus to other networks and to build your own networks on your own websites. Most of us do not get the kind of traffic one would need to make it this an efficient strategy. 

My advice is to continue to use Google + while it is still around however, don't keep all your efforts only there. Make sure you have a social media strategy for all of the social networks as well as your own websites. 

When rumors and speculation happens like this a lot of marketers start jumping ship. Let them. If more of your competitors leave Google + the more you can capitalize on any traffic you can create by understanding how to use this to your SEO advantage.

Get your Free SEO Guide here: 


Replay of Realbird Webinar with Katerina Gasset

Realbird Replay Katerina Gasset Speaker SEO Consultant

Here is the replay of the Realbird webinar when I was the guest speaker last week: 

“How to Fly Under the Radar of the big ZTR's” 

If you registered for the webinar you were sent an email from Gabe at Realbird with a link to the recording.

In case you did not register or could not make it to the live webinar, the webinar was recorded.

It is a little over an hour long- you can start it and stop the recording at different sections in case you don't have time to take notes for the entire hour.  

Please leave a comment if you liked the video on the YouTube video comment section, Thanks!



Replay of Realbird Webinar with Katerina Gasset

Here is the replay of the Realbird webinar when I was the guest speaker last week:

“How to Fly Under the Radar of the big ZTR's”

If you registered for the webinar you were sent an email from Gabe at Realbird with a link to the recording.

In case you did not register or could not make it to the live webinar, the webinar was recorded.

It is a little over an hour long- you can start it and stop the recording at different sections in case you don't have time to take notes for the entire hour.

Please leave a comment if you liked the video on the YouTube video comment section, Thanks!