COVID-19 Virus Updates

COVID-19 (“Coronavirus”) – Public Statement & Support

As new information is decided and discovered daily please visit for the most current updates about COVID-19. 

While we are doing our best to get you the most important information none of our information is guaranteed. This is ONLY being provided to you as a public service and informational purposes only. 


The state of Florida has deemed digital services working from home as an essential service. 

We are helping out by taking the following steps: 

  • Hours of operation are by appointment only. 
  • We will not be meeting anyone in our office. 
  • We moved most of our communication to a virtual space; 
  • Email, texting, phone calls, Facetime video, Zoom video conferencing live streaming video, and Facebook meetings. 

We continue to provide the best service to our clients wherever they may be.

We are wearing masks in public whenever possible. 

Please consider doing your part in slowing down the rate of spreading COVID-19. 

You can help by: 

  • Use your online banking services to pay your bills
  • Handle all your concerns by phone and email 
  • Disinfecting your door handles and anything that people may touch 
  • Following all the guidelines set up by 

Steps we have in place to help “flatten the curve” : 

  1. Washing our hands frequently and for at least 20 seconds each time with soap that lathers.
  2. Avoid touching our faces 
  3. Keeping physical distance away from others of 6+ feet, whenever possible. “Physical Distancing
  4. Avoiding groups of 10+ people.
  5. Self-Quarantine if we feel a cold coming on or feel as though we may be getting sick. 
  6. Wearing a cloth mask ( non-medical) when social distancing is not possible such as when we go out to buy groceries.

Please consider incorporating these same steps in your life and businesses. 

How we are helping in our community: 

We are assisting with cat rescues. 

We are informing friends and neighbors of the current events around COVID- 19. 

We are supporting those who are alone by making phone calls and video calls. 


Here is a list of resources to answer any questions you may have: 

  1. Global
    1. World Health Organization (WHO) –
      1. Q&A on coronaviruses (COVID-19)
  2. US Federal
    1. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) at 
      1. Business Continuation Planning
    2. Small Business Association –
      1. Disaster Assistance –
      2. Small Business Guidance & Loan Resources –
  3. State
    1. Statewide Orders at:
    2. Florida Department of Public Health at
    3. Business Continuation Planning 
    5. “Essential Services and Workers” (exemptions to “Stay-at-Home”)
    6. Employment Development Department (EDD) 
  4. Regional
    1. Palm Beach County
    2. Martin County
    3. Broward County
    4. St Lucie County
  5. Cities
    1. Wellington

Be Safe and Stay Healthy!