Webinar: 7 Questions You Must Ask Before You Buy a Website

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 with Katerina Gasset

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7 Questions You Must Ask Before You Buy a Website

Don't make this common mistake: Spend money on a website only to find out it does not resonate with your audience, is not set up to make Google happy, or you find out no one is going to find your website... and more... 



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What You'll Learn on the Live Webinar:

      1. The one page on your website that gets the most clicks, do you even have this page optimized on your site?
      1. What search engines are looking for when they crawl your site to see if they will give you any ranking?
      2. Find out if you are getting lost amid your competitors. … and more…

Don’t make the common mistakes of buying or building a website with the wrong pages or not enough pages or the wrong order of the pages. 80% of all websites I am asked to look at have their pages named wrong. Most of those do not have the right structure for their pages and most also don’t have the right order of pages.

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