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SEO is Back with a Vengeance!

SEO is back with a vengeance! We are seeing some amazing results on page one and page 2 with brand new websites and blog content. Then I went back to older sites to see how they are doing and they also are showing up on page one. Google made what most would think is an insignificant change not in their algorithm ( although Google is always updating their algorithm) but ra [...]

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Case Study: How Fast a Brand New Website Ranks!

Case Study- This is the case study of one of my client's brand new websites. When I build a website for a client the first thing we do is go over their keyword strategy and get to know their avatar and if it is a local business, their geo tags and terms as well as do a study on their competition. This session takes a little over an hour or so. In this study my client, Rhonda [...]

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It's OK to Change Your Mind About Your Business

You have heard the saying, "Never give up", many times in your life.  You have heard the saying, "Winners never quit". So when you begin to have thoughts about quitting your job or closing your business you may get pangs of guilt coming at you from yourself and those around you. There is a stigma that quitting is what losers do. But what if we don't put the label of "quitti [...]

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Free Webinar: Using Trello for Projects | Management | Organization

Free Webinar: Using Trello for Projects | Management | Organization and more. Trello is free. Please use my invitation link here: http://KaterinaGasset.com/Trello  This is one of my most requested tutorials. I created some video tutorials on using Trello. They are among my most popular video tutorials. Based on these requests I decided to offer you a webinar to show y [...]

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How to Choose the Right Website for Your Target Market

How to Choose the Right Website for Your Target Market Websites - What Kind of a Website Should I Get?  What kind of website do you need to have?  What kind of website do you want to have?  Before you answer either of those questions the first step to choosing a website is to find out:  Who is your avatar?  Who is your ideal client?  Who is your targ [...]

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Replay of Realbird Webinar with Katerina Gasset

Here is the replay of the Realbird webinar when I was the guest speaker last week:  "How to Fly Under the Radar of the big ZTR's"  If you registered for the webinar you were sent an email from Gabe at Realbird with a link to the recording. In case you did not register or could not make it to the live webinar, the webinar was recorded. It is a little over an hour [...]

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Open House Success System to Get More Listings and Buyers

Open House Success System to Get More Listings and Buyers  We are doing a BETA program with an Open House Success System from a very successful REALTOR® who closed over 600K last year in commissions using this system he has developed over the last few years.  This will be the first time anyone outside of his successful office will learn his system.  He reached out [...]

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Real Estate Transaction Closing Rules and Forms Change on August 1, 2015

Real Estate Transaction Closing Rules and Forms Change on August 1, 2015  On August 1, 2015 the HUD1 and the Good Faith Estimate will no longer be used. There will be NO more HUD1 or Good Faith Estimate.  This is important for real estate agents to understand and be able to also schedule closings taking the new changes into account.  Don't get embarrassed by asking [...]

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