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Do You Have an Online Marketing Strategy?

Do you have an online marketing strategy?  The data clearly shows according to research that Copyblogger has done that only 39% of B2B small businesses have a  written content marketing strategy.  I will venture to assume that for B2C small businesses, it will be lower or about the same.  I hear it all the time:  "I know I need to blog but I don't have the time [...]

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My Top Prediction for SEO in 2015

My Top Prediction for SEO in 2015  With all the talk, double-talk, assumptions and guessing about what is what with SEO these days there are a few things you can count on no matter what happens with Google and other search engines.  You will not go wrong by drilling down into your niche, flying under the radar of the big 4. Choose terms that their SEO departments ar [...]

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ListHub Listing Agreement Ends With Zillow

ListHub Listing Agreement Ends With Zillow  The contract that Zillow has with ListHub expired on April 7, 2015.  ListHub has had a contract and provides the data to the big Z of all of our listings.  Move.inc who operates Realtor.com owns the listing syndicator, ListHub.  Move.inc was acquired by News Corp in December.  Right now the big Z gets a few hundred [...]

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365 Days of Eliminating Crap Facebook Group by Linda Davis

365 Days of Eliminating Crap Facebook Group by Linda Davis AKA "The Crapmaster".  I am so happy to have found Linda's Facebook group. Linda is a real estate broker associate with Re/Max in Ledyard, CT.  Around January 5, 2014 I found out about Linda's group- 365 Days of Eliminating Crap  The purpose of the group is to inspire each of us to get rid of 1 item per day [...]

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An Unexpected Journey

As I walked on the path of this new journey I was lifted up from my burdens by all of you who traveled this road with me. I shared this journey on my personal Facebook page. It was a little too personal for G+ and not appropriate for AR in daily status updates. It is appropriate to give a heart felt thank you to each and everyone of you that shared your trials, offered up praye [...]

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Raising the Bar on Health Goals

Getting healthy in the rain- setting my goal. Dr. Stacey Ann Bough is running a challenge in ActiveRain for health goals. You have to be logged into ActiveRain in order to read her post about the challenge because it is a members only post. My posts will be public because I am not just doing this challenge for myself but also for anyone who needs to be inspired to work on their [...]

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My Biggest Accomplishment of 2013- I lost 56 Pounds

My biggest accomplishment of 2013 was that I lost 56 pounds.  While I had many achievements throughout 2013 in business and in my personal and family life, if you ask what is the one thing I am happiest to have achieved it would be my weight loss.  My clothes are loose, I dropped over 4 dress sizes and well on my way to a better and healthier body. This is the suit that [...]

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Guess What Country in the World is the Best To Invest in Real Estate and Business?

Guess What Country in the World is the Best To Invest in Real Estate and Business? You May Just Be Surprised.  Please place your guess in the comment section below.  This country has made gigantic reforms economically recently and is aggressively embracing free market principles.  Here are a few clues to help you guess which country this is:  1. 10% flat tax [...]

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