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Join Me on Blab.im - Interview with Real Estate Broker Stephanie Anson

Listing Experts Academy- Thinking about joining but have questions? Hop on Blab.im with me and ask away! I will be interviewing Broker Stephanie Anson about how she used the strategies in Listing Experts Academy to dominate her niche on the internet! Find out more about Listing Experts Academy and take a peak into all that we are learning! Join me on Blab.im  Wednesda [...]

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Listing Experts Academy RELAUNCH is now open!

Listing Experts Academy RELAUNCH is now open!  I am getting amazing feedback from the core video trainings I put together for you prior to the relaunch of Listing Experts Academy.  From Barbara Todaro:  "Katerina, you have no idea how excited I am that I have your modules and other information about listing and marketing listings....after seeing the amount of informat [...]

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Discover How You Can Be a Top Listing Agent in Your Market

Discover how you can be the top listing agent in your market!  I created a series of 3 FREE training videos for you to learn the 4 core essentials of a successful listing agent.  We will go over the new changes in the real estate landscape and how you can establish yourself as an authority and position yourself in your niche to not only survive the changes but to thrive [...]

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How to Choose the Right Website for Your Target Market

How to Choose the Right Website for Your Target Market Websites - What Kind of a Website Should I Get?  What kind of website do you need to have?  What kind of website do you want to have?  Before you answer either of those questions the first step to choosing a website is to find out:  Who is your avatar?  Who is your ideal client?  Who is your targ [...]

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Point2 is Sold to Move.Inc

Point2 Listing Syndication services ( which is a Canadian company Ltd) is sold to Move.Inc.  2014 seems to be the year of selling companies in the tech sector of real estate.  Point2 announced this morning that they sold their Point2 Syndication services to Move.Inc.  Point2 has syndication relationships with 112 MLSs in the U.S. with over 900,000 listings.  [...]

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My Top Prediction for SEO in 2015

My Top Prediction for SEO in 2015  With all the talk, double-talk, assumptions and guessing about what is what with SEO these days there are a few things you can count on no matter what happens with Google and other search engines.  You will not go wrong by drilling down into your niche, flying under the radar of the big 4. Choose terms that their SEO departments ar [...]

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Sign up today to get your spot reserved for my LIVE Event: SEO Workshop  SEO Workshop - Hands On Training with Katerina Gasset- Online Business Strategist, SEO, Branding for the internet and social media.  Book now by clicking here.  Date: Thursday March 26- 2015  Where: Country Inn conference center in Gainesville Florida  Time:  12 p.m. to  4 p.m.  L [...]

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