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Fast Track SEO Free Video Trainings are Live

Fast Track SEO Free Video Trainings are Live Did you get your #FastTrackSEO training videos? My iphone text is buzzing with texts about what people are learning from my video trainings! My email inbox is full of replies and compliments about the value people are getting from my video trainings! This is SOO exciting!!!! I am so happy that my time and effort to help o [...]

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Fast Track SEO Free Training Video is Live Now!

Fast Track SEO Free Training Video #1  is Live Now! Here you go! There will be a total of 3 free video trainings before we launch the course. Make sure you get in on all 3 of them. Here is the link to the first of your free trainings in our pre-launch of #FastTrackSEO: https://goo.gl/cEhBjq You don't want to miss this free training.  This free training will no lon [...]

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What Is The Best Way To Beat The ZTR's?

What is the best way to beat the ZTR's? This was the #1 question in my biggest question about SEO and online branding survey. Thanks to all of you who participated in the survey! Listen to my podcast about one of the most important parts of succeeding at beating out your competition online. You can listen to my podcast by clicking on the link above and the audio f [...]

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Early Bird Notifications for Fast Track SEO - just a quick note

Just a quick note to let you know that the Early Bird notifications for #FastTrackSEO is shutting down in 4 days. I don't want you to miss out on being first in line for Fast Track SEO when it launches on May 26, 2015. The Early Bird list is shutting down on Friday May 15th. Here is the link in case you are not on the list yet: https://coachkaterina.leadpages.net/fa [...]

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Raising the Bar on Health Goals

Getting healthy in the rain- setting my goal. Dr. Stacey Ann Bough is running a challenge in ActiveRain for health goals. You have to be logged into ActiveRain in order to read her post about the challenge because it is a members only post. My posts will be public because I am not just doing this challenge for myself but also for anyone who needs to be inspired to work on their [...]

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Guess What Country in the World is the Best To Invest in Real Estate and Business?

Guess What Country in the World is the Best To Invest in Real Estate and Business? You May Just Be Surprised.  Please place your guess in the comment section below.  This country has made gigantic reforms economically recently and is aggressively embracing free market principles.  Here are a few clues to help you guess which country this is:  1. 10% flat tax [...]

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Google Signals- Is The End Coming Soon for Google +?

Google Signals- Is the End Coming Soon for Google +?  There have been some interesting updates by Google lately as related to their huge push to really get Google + to be a social network and compete in the networking space.  I actually really like Google +. I love the communities that you can build and for many ideas and forums, it is perfect. However, for the majority [...]

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Lessons Learned from Being Unplugged

Lessons Learned from Being Unplugged This was the first vacation that we went on since I started blogging where I did not blog. It is the first vacation where I even left my laptop at home. I brought no work with me other than my goals journal and my regular journal. I did bring my phone but I used it only for staying in touch with family, using the GPS we like (MotionX) and [...]

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