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YouTube is Rocking Your World | Digital Marketing Trends

YouTube is Rocking Your World | Digital Marketing Trends  YouTube views are up again and there seems to be no stopping the momentum.  YouTube now has more than 1 BILLION active users! That is a billion with 12 zeros.  YouTube views are up 60% year by year! This is a marketing phenomena with huge profits and success stories for those who embraced video in the last 7 [...]

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Listing Experts Academy Members are ROCKING the SERPS!!!

Listing Experts Academy Members are ROCKING the SERPS!!!  This is so exciting. There is nothing that makes a coach or teacher more excited than witnessing and being a part of the student's (members) successes.  When you follow the steps that are set forth in a systematic fashion you get results.  Taking your listings back has been a huge part of Listing Experts Acad [...]

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What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Minecraft and ArcadiaCon

What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Minecraft and ArcadiaCon Our son loves to play Minecraft. He and his friends get together on Facetime and then go into a Minecraft server to play together. The other thing these kids all do is watch other people who play Minecraft. They can sit for hours watching their favorite "YouTubers" and Twitch live streamers. I thought this was so [...]

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Katerina Gasset Speaking at FIOPS in Miami in August 2015

I was invited to speak at FIOPS Conference ( Funnel Industry Operations Conference) in Miami this August.  I am very honored to be invited to speak.  The topic is:  Connecting Your Brand To Your Audience!  Connecting your brand to who counts in your business!  How do you measure what you don't know? Do you sometimes feel like a dog chasing his own tail when [...]

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NAR's Lawsuit Against the Big Z Update

NAR's Lawsuit Against the Big Z Update-  A superior court judge granted a preliminary injunction against Z over the hiring of Errol Samuelson. Errol Samuelson was President of REALTOR®.com and the chief strategy officer of Move, Inc. The National Association of REALTORS® filed a lawsuit for breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty and violating trade secrets aga [...]

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Salt Lake City Utah- Temple Square

Salt Lake City Utah- Temple Square  The last part of our vacation was visiting Temple Square in Salt Lake City Utah.  One of the most amazing drives is driving down off the mountains and into the Salt Lake Valley.  It is one of the most amazing views. We drove from Jackson Hole Wyoming to Salt Lake City. As we traveled down those mountains coming from the northeast [...]

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Real Estate SEO | Google Maps | Red Square Boxes

Real Estate SEO | Google Maps | Red Square Boxes   If you do a search for your keywords and you get the local google 7-pack ( or 6-pack or 4-pack:)) on page one on Google you may have noticed that there are red squares on the Google local map.  The red squares with the white squares in the middle of them  are the top search results for businesses that match the query [...]

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Every Listing Is Won Before You Ever Step Foot In The Seller's Front Door

Every Listing is Won Before You Ever Step Foot in The Seller's Front Door Sun Tzu said over 2,500 years ago in the 'The Art of War',  "every battle is won before it is ever fought." Before you ever step foot on the battlefield the battle has already been won. If you want to be a listing agent or want to be a better listing agent reading Sun Tzu's 'The Art of War' is a [...]

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