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Get Ready for the 30 Day SEO Challenge

Get Ready! Get set! Join me in the 30 Day SEO Challenge! This will be a really fun challenge! Whether you are new to online marketing or you have been around for a while you will have fun in this challenge. Are you a procrastinator? Do you have a checklist of SEO steps to take on your website but never find the time to get them done? Well, this is your chance to actual [...]

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Custom Designed WordPress Website that Rocks!

Congratulations to Rhonda, one of my wonderful clients. She hired me to design her a website. She is a member of my Listing Experts Academy and also a private coaching client. Rhonda Fee owns her brokerage in Pleasanton California. She did all her avatar training which is in module 1 in Listing Experts Academy and then she hired me to help her with her keyword research just [...]

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Webinar: Website Best Practices

Thank you all for all your wonderful participation in these free webinars that I am teaching a couple times each month! I love the questions and more so, I love to see how you implement the trainings in your businesses! This next webinar is titled: Website Best Practices This webinar is for you if you fall in any of these categories: You are looking for a new website [...]

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Does Your Website Resonate with Your Target Market?

Does your target audience respond to your website? I will go over why a 'unique for you' website is important to your target market and your conversions and how you can benefit. You can have the most beautifully designed website on the planet but if no one finds it, what good is it? It is good for your own ego, but ego does not pay the bills. You can have the same tem [...]

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How to Choose the Right Website for Your Target Market

How to Choose the Right Website for Your Target Market Websites - What Kind of a Website Should I Get?  What kind of website do you need to have?  What kind of website do you want to have?  Before you answer either of those questions the first step to choosing a website is to find out:  Who is your avatar?  Who is your ideal client?  Who is your targ [...]

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Webinar- Blogging On Your WordPress Website Fast

Free Webinar- Blogging on your Wordpress website fast and easy!  Are you ready to start blogging on your Wordpress website?  In this webinar I will share with you some ways in which you can post to your blog much faster. I will show you how to create your blog on using Thrive Themes- super fast. I will show you can add images, video and graphics quickly to your bl [...]

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What’s Your Biggest Question About SEO and Digital Marketing

What's Your Biggest Question About SEO and Digital Marketing?  If we had lunch together… and you could only ask me your biggest question- what would that be? Go here to take this one question survey… https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/BJWVVDB   After you answer that one question head on over to the early bird registration for #Fast Track SEO to the Top! [...]

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Early Bird Notification List is Ready for #FastTrackSEO to the Top

Early Bird Notification List is Ready for #FastTrackSEO to the Top - the new revamped SEO to the Top course.  Back by popular demand- we are getting ready to launch an all new SEO program on the Fast Track.     Being on the early bird notification list makes sure that you get first notice of the product launching.  The anticipated date of the course start date is M [...]

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