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Every Listing Is Won Before You Ever Step Foot In The Seller's Front Door

Every Listing is Won Before You Ever Step Foot in The Seller's Front Door Sun Tzu said over 2,500 years ago in the 'The Art of War',  "every battle is won before it is ever fought." Before you ever step foot on the battlefield the battle has already been won. If you want to be a listing agent or want to be a better listing agent reading Sun Tzu's 'The Art of War' is a [...]

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Real Estate SEO | Google Maps | Red Square Boxes

Real Estate SEO | Google Maps | Red Square Boxes   If you do a search for your keywords and you get the local google 7-pack ( or 6-pack or 4-pack:)) on page one on Google you may have noticed that there are red squares on the Google local map.  The red squares with the white squares in the middle of them  are the top search results for businesses that match the query [...]

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Salt Lake City Utah- Temple Square

Salt Lake City Utah- Temple Square  The last part of our vacation was visiting Temple Square in Salt Lake City Utah.  One of the most amazing drives is driving down off the mountains and into the Salt Lake Valley.  It is one of the most amazing views. We drove from Jackson Hole Wyoming to Salt Lake City. As we traveled down those mountains coming from the northeast [...]

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Real Estate SEO Still Works- RESULTS prove it!

Real Estate SEO Still Works- RESULTS Prove It!  One of our Listing Experts Academy members is getting amazing results on page one on Google for his new keywords that he is going after. This broker owner dominates the short sale listing market in his geo area. However, since short sales are dwindling he knew that he needed to focus on another niche, this one happens to be pr [...]

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An Unexpected Journey

As I walked on the path of this new journey I was lifted up from my burdens by all of you who traveled this road with me. I shared this journey on my personal Facebook page. It was a little too personal for G+ and not appropriate for AR in daily status updates. It is appropriate to give a heart felt thank you to each and everyone of you that shared your trials, offered up praye [...]

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Raising the Bar on Health Goals

Getting healthy in the rain- setting my goal. Dr. Stacey Ann Bough is running a challenge in ActiveRain for health goals. You have to be logged into ActiveRain in order to read her post about the challenge because it is a members only post. My posts will be public because I am not just doing this challenge for myself but also for anyone who needs to be inspired to work on their [...]

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Video #2 Is Ready- Listing Experts Academy

Video #2 Is Ready- Listing Experts Academy   Video #2 is a great training- the video starts off with the introduction from me but we move into the real training on slides in a timely manner. Make sure that you click the link inside of the video #2 to get to the training video.     Video #1 goes through all the 9 modules that are inside of Listing [...]

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Keyword Strategies- Where To Start

Welcome to another episode of my podcast. This podcast is about keyword research and where you need to start. Many people talk about keyword research but mostly it is from the perspective of finding keywords that have high traffic so you get a lot of leads.  To start doing your keyword research before you have evaluated and created your avatar- your ideal client- you may be mi [...]

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