Terms and Conditions of Digital Marketing Strategies

By becoming a Charter Member of Digital Marketing Strategies Charter Membership you agree to the following terms and conditions: 

  • Only you and one administrative assistant in your office is allowed to be on our calls and in the membership
  • If you need more than one license to participate you promise to purchase licenses for employees, agents, contractors, etc. to use the membership. 
  • We have group plans, so please contact me about those for multiple members
  • You agree that this content may be proprietary and you agree to NOT share this content with anyone outside of our membership group
  • You agree to NOT share content with any members who have cancelled their membership 
  • You agree to give 30 days notice prior to any cancelations 
  • If you cancel your membership- you will NOT have access to any past content and you will be turned off from the membership areas wherever they are on the internet. 
  • We have a Facebook private group for our forum needs for this membership for your benefit and value - it is voluntary to participate 
  • If your credit card is declined for any reason my assistant will attempt to reach you to get a new card on file - you will need to locate your payment cart to do so. 
  • If my assistant can not locate you or you do not provide a valid form of payment, your membership will be turned off straight away until this is resolved. 
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