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3 Tips February 6,  2024 Newsletter - EVERGREEN #9 

Subject: 3 things you don’t want to miss this week 

I will get right to it… 

  1. SEO has changed and it has changed in a HUGE way! 

If you missed my article on the good, bad, and ugly, check it out here. 

The short of it, is page one is full of spammy Quora and Reddits instead of all your hard work and experience as bloggers! So insulting, no? 

Google tried to fix the AI spam issue and created a huge mess instead. 

Oh, and Forbes is ranking in the top 3 on page one for a serious medical question! WOW! 

What are we doing to combat and deal with this mess for our clients and for our own sites? 

Going back to the basics! Many of you were around when I was teaching, “SEO To The Top” in 2010. In this course, one of the modules was, “How to take over 8 out of 10 spots on page one on Google.”. 

I guess all things old become new again. 

The thing is, now SEO gurus are calling this very same strategy, Parasite SEO. And it works. But it is old school. It is just that most were not around back in the day when I started SEO:). 

Stick with me… and our team… because we know SEO and we know how to get you back your traffic…. 


… you have to be willing to play the long game…. 

  1.  We cracked the code for Facebook Marketing! 

Watch my video on the case study we have been doing on my Facebook account: 


The one thing to do today: 

Turn your personal Facebook page into the new “professional” page.

Choose either ‘creator’ or ‘entrepreneur’ from the drop down that Facebook gives you. (If you are a Realtor or business owner, choose entrepreneur.) 

Watch the video to find out more….

  1. Interlinking is your head start on getting ranked on Google 

Make sure to interlink your pages. Link your topical authority pages to your cluster pages. Link your cluster pages to your topical authority pages. Link your home page to your about page and to your topical authority pages and visa versa… 

Sounds like a whole lotta linking going on….

… could get confusing… 

And tracking it all can get to be a pain… 

What to do? 

Get my secret interlinking tool: Link Whisper! 

This is the tool we use for my site and it saves me hours of time and frustration. 

If we are doing interlinking for you, get this tool, to speed up the team’s process for you, saving you time. And making it more efficient.  

See you at the top! 

Katerina Gasset, Owner and Founder of Get It Done For Me Virtual Services 

Digital Marketer Certified Partner

Certified Customer Acquisition Specialist Certified Digital Marketing Funnel Expert Certified LeadPages™ Conversion Specialist

Coach/Consultant/Business Strategist

Top Blogger, National Speaker, Podcaster

IDX Broker Approved Web Developer Licensed Realtor® Florida: eXp Realty LLC

Licensed Realtor® Utah: eXp Realty LLC

Text to work with me: 561-502-1577 






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