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On My Story page you can find out more about my background and why I am doing what I do. This page is about my personal and business journey with each year. I was very inspired by Pat Flynn's transparency and financial disclosures and how he journals his income, expenses, and thoughts along the way. 

I looked up at the calendar the other day with utter distain for how fast time has flown by. My youngest son is about to turn 13 years old. I wonder, where did the time go. The other day I was looking at something I had made with a date of 2009 on it. What happened to time? It seemed like just yesterday I was holding my youngest son as a baby in my arms. I started teaching my course SEO To the Top in 2009. 

​It is almost September. Not only do we have a bunch of birthdays to celebrate ( 3 kids born in September and 1 at the end of August) but income taxes are due in October as well. Not the funnest time of the year for us. 

​I am also not where I had planned to be financially. I have not reached my goal of 6,000 people on my lists either. Kind of disappointing. I am reaching my goals- just a lot slower than others I follow. It was very discouraging when I thought about not reaching my goals. 

Then I had an epiphany. No matter how easy the gurus tell you it is to make a living online and no matter how they share their stories of success, we must each realize that each one of us is in a different circumstance. ​ I am a mother, a wife, and a business owner.  My family still comes first. Our health comes first. That means I take the time to make meals, spending quite a good chunk of time in the kitchen daily and weekly. I also homeschool. I would not trade that for anything. I homeschooled all my grown kids too. I love to homeschool just as much as I love to teach. My kids come first. So teaching gets accomplished each day. Then of course, there is baseball. Our son is the town's best pitcher in his age division. I don't miss his games. Baseball takes time. Oh, then here is personal exercises and hygiene, etc. All of this takes time. 

What is left each day or evening? Not many hours. So I am not going to ever be like these guys who don't have kids, are young and energetic who can invest and devote hours and hours a day each week until they make it. When you realize you are not that person, you are not in that exact same place and you don't have their exact mentality--- it helps to ground you. It helped me to know I am O.K. where I am. I am not getting there as fast as I would like, however, there is nothing except a few things I would trade it for. ​

I am going to start putting myself out there... to help me stay true to my pathway to my goals. Scary stuff! They say if you put yourself out there it will be harder to phase out and not finish your goals. They also say that when you make public what your plans are you will gain support from your peeps along the way so here it goes.... I made a lot of commitments to myself that I will start sharing over the rest of this year... this way come 2016- the goals should be starting to be realized. I took a webinar the other day and one of my mentors said whatever project you are doing, post about your progress, your execution of the plans, your fails and successes as you move towards your launch. Also, I am more so hoping to inspire you to follow my lead in doing this too. More exciting news to follow... stay tuned....




Ok Peeps, here goes! I started my goals early this year since I had some major ‪#‎FAILs‬ this year. Instead of getting too down on myself I am putting my big girl panties on and telling ya'll and Heavenly Father what my goals and plans are. You can be a part of my journey...

The first fix I created a goal for was to finally work on my own website. I work on other websites and those for International Properties and Investments all the time, and for the ones people pay me to build for them... of course... it's like the plumber who never fixes his own sink!

So no more! I was determined to work on my website. I always wanted to have a Resource page because all my peeps ask me what's working, what tools do I use, what do I use for this or that... I am always taking valuable time locating my links and such.

So one day I spent the day gathering up all my affiliate links to my products I use and created my first resource page. Then I created a pdf version of it and offer it as a free download for giving me your name and email address.

I launched the page last week and already have 30 people who have downloaded the PDF version of the page as well as many others who have been clicking the links on the page! YEAH!!!! First success in this journey: What did you do this week to help move your goals forward?

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