Guess What Country in the World is the Best To Invest in Real Estate and Business?

Guess What Country in the World is the Best To Invest in Real Estate and Business? You May Just Be Surprised. 

Please place your guess in the comment section below. 

This country has made gigantic reforms economically recently and is aggressively embracing free market principles. 

Here are a few clues to help you guess which country this is: 

1. 10% flat tax for businesses and investors making this a very appealing country to invest in. 

2. 10% flat tax for personal income. 

3. Tax holiday for up to 10 years if you buy property to build commercially on in the TIDZ's. 

4. Listed as the 3rd best reformer in the world.

5. It only takes 4 hours to register your company!!!! 

6. Totally WiFi country-wide and very technologically advanced.

7. English is the main language being taught in the schools now. 

8. Great ally to the U.S.A and people there love Americans. 

9. U.S. citizens do NOT need a visa for entry. 

10. Huge Commercial Real Estate investment opportunities. 

11. Duty Free access to a market of over 650 million customers through trade agreements. 

12. Geo- Strategically located. 

13. High quality of life. 

14. It is absolutely beautiful there. 

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