Katerina Gasset Speaking at FIOPS in Miami in August 2015

I was invited to speak at FIOPS Conference ( Funnel Industry Operations Conference) in Miami this August. 

I am very honored to be invited to speak. 

The topic is:  Connecting Your Brand To Your Audience! 

Connecting your brand to who counts in your business! 

How do you measure what you don't know?
Do you sometimes feel like a dog chasing his own tail when it comes to marketing online?
Or do you feel like you are throwing spaghetti at the wall hoping something will connect with your prospects?
Discover how to connect with your target audience.
How do you discover your true ideal prospect ( avatar) and then create a strategy so you can engage with your avatar and create brand loyalty?
Creating your online marketing strategy must be the first step on your path to success for your business.
Strategizing is different than tactics. You need both, but tactics without strategy will take you off your path. Know where you want to go (strategy) then discover the best track (tactics) for getting there. 
Katerina Gasset Speaker FIOPS Miami  Funnel Experts Conference
Katerina Gasset- Digital Marketing Strategist- Growth Hacker- Business consultant, Funnel Expert, Keynote Speaker, Trainer, Brand development, Website design, Author, Top Blogger, mother of 9 children- she homeschooled 6 of her children. Katerina has been an entrepreneur for over 35 years with a passion to empower entrepreneurs to become all they are designed to be. 
Connecting your brand to your ideal target audience is the key to developing an online and offline relationship with your customers and to establish brand loyalty. Before you even think of doing SEO, you need to understand having a strategy to connect in place. Before you write your first post on your blog you should know who you are writing to exactly.  
Strategies and tactics are two totally different spokes in your marketing wheel. Make sure you understand the difference and empower your teams to develop the strategy that is the right fit for your company brand.
“Katerina brings down to earth practical ideas on how to build a brand. The analytics are tools. She helps you map a path.” Lea Deo- Real Estate Agent 

The screenshot below is the speaker info for the program and the FIOPS website: 


Katerina Gasset Speaker FIOPS Miami 2015

The event is for: 

  • Marketers
  • Content Marketers
  • Salespeople
  • Technologists
  • Writers
  • Affiliates
  • Creatives
  • Storytellers
  • Business Developers


The site to register to go is: https://fiops.com/

I am looking forward to meeting like minded marketers. 




digital marketing strategies, FIOPS, funnel experts, katerina gasset

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