Realbird: Using Realbird To Get More Listings!


Realbird: Using Realbird To Get More Listings! 

Realbird Tutorials by Katerina Gasset

When was the last time you were in your Realbird account? 

What all do you do with your Realbird account? 

We have found that most agents open up a Realbird account and then never go back into their account. 

Those that have upgraded to the pro-accounts usually do as much as create their single property websites for their listings. 

If you fit in either category you are really missing out on huge opportunities to get listing leads and buyer leads from your Realbird account. 

Realbird is all about the agent. They don't sell you the leads. You pay a measly $97 per year to have full benefits! You can collect all the leads you want to and Gabe and Zoltan will not ask you for a penny. They won't ask you for a referral fee and they won't sell you zipcodes and premier agent spots. It is what we call a white label product. 

Realbird leads tend to be much better than z leads and t leads. Don't ask me why but they are higher quality and most of the time they leave their phone number. 

Realbird launched a SMS platform right inside of your single property websites. All you need to do is buy a phone number for $1 per month from Twillio and then connect it to the Realbird SMS API. It takes about 10 minutes to do this. Once it is finished, you don't have to do it again. It is automatically added to each of your listings. 

When the buyer texts to your text number, they immediately get back the details of the listing and a link to your listing. What happens on the back end is even better. Realbird captures the cell phone number the lead texted you from and it lands right into your leads inbox. 

Here is a tutorial that I created for my virtual assistant team on how to set up SMS texting for us and our broker and agent clients. It is not a fancy tutorial because it is an in house training video- no bells or whistles.  I still thought that you may find it useful: 

Setting up a single property website for your listing is easy! I don't know why more agents don't do it. Maybe because it is too easy:). 

Each listing you get you can input your listing details or have our virtual assistants do that for you. After you add all your photos and information you launch the page and it is then a single property website for your listing.  It is that easy! 

Send your seller an email with the link to their own single property website. Tell them to share it freely on their Facebook page, tweet it out and send it by email to their family and friends. They will want to show off this nice looking website. You can even get your own address domains but you don't have to.

Here is a tutorial I created for our virtual assistant team to make sure we are covering all ways to optimize on our Realbird membership and utilizing these single property websites. Again, please excuse the simple video. It was designed for instruction not for glamour: 

Realbird has a lot of other tools. If you don't want to spend money on IDX any more- if you are tired of building your IDX company's SEO and brand, think about using Realbird as a sort of replacement. Realbird is not IDX however, most consumers don't like fancy IDX programs and are thrilled with the simplicity of Realbird listing maps and details. 

You can embed maps on your websites and blogs with different search criteria and the best part- this also may be why consumers like Realbird search so much- is that they don't have to leave your site to search. They can search right inside of your blog page or website page. 

Here is another tutorial I created for our virtual assistant team to go over all of what Realbird has to offer and how we can best use all of these tools: 

Realbird is a great solution if you are cutting back on expenses or just want to improve your SEO and consumer interaction.

My favorite part of Realbird is not even the product but the innovators of the product, Gabe and Zoltan. What amazing innovators and entrepreneurs they are. The customer service is outstanding. 

With all the changes that Craigslist has made for posting your listings and real estate services real estate agents have pretty much abandoned Craigslist ads in many areas. Use that to your advantage.

Realbird auto generates your code for your to post your listing in Craigslist. You still have to upload your images. We have been able to use our SMS texting service from Realbird with our CL ads. Make sure you are not adding any links anywhere or else your ad will be denied. 

Then after you are finished doing these tasks it is time to start tweeting your listings, sharing them to Facebook through your Realbird account and linking back to your single property websites to rank your listings instead of the big companies ranking for them. 

See you at the top! 



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