Beware of BankerREO | FootprintsRE- SCAMS against Real Estate Agents

Beware of BankerREO | FootprintsRE- Scams against Real Estate Agents

The complaints are in the dozens against BankerREO. Just google them to see all the complaints against them. Mike Linkenauger who owns Short Sale Specialist Network sent out an email with evidence that FootprintsRE is the same company that BankerREO was. 

They are just out to scam you out of your money. Beware of these kinds of companies that promise to get you REO assets to list. Check out the phone numbers they are calling your from. Do your due diligence before turning over your money to them.

They call you on the phone and tell you that you can have your city as an exclusive area to do REO listings in for $349. Don't give them your money! 

The REO business is not easy to get into. Asset managers from REO companies most often do not solicit you! They have plenty of agents to give their assets to. Please don't fall for these “too good to be true” stories. 

Mike created a video about the proof that FootprintsRE is the same company as BankerREO. Here is the video:


You can follow the video to see that through a google cache this is the exact same company, just with a different name. In fact, when you look at the websites, they are exactly the same except they changed their banner. 

Please help this go viral. Please post on your facebook page, google plus page and linkedin. 

Reblog this blog. Write a post about this and add the video. Link to the video. Help stop this scam. 


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