Point2 is Sold to Move.Inc

Point2 Listing Syndication services ( which is a Canadian company Ltd) is sold to Move.Inc. 

2014 seems to be the year of selling companies in the tech sector of real estate. 

Point2 announced this morning that they sold their Point2 Syndication services to Move.Inc. 

Point2 has syndication relationships with 112 MLSs in the U.S. with over 900,000 listings. 

Move.Inc buys Point2 Syndication Services

“The combined network will remove duplication of listings currently served by both systems, and will now provide information from more than 600 data sources, and distribute approximately three million listings nationwide, or close to 85 percent of residential listings in the country.  “

Move.Inc is the parent company of ListHub. Move.Inc bought ListHub in 2010. 

Move.Inc bought TigerLeads in 2012. 

Point2 just signed a 10 year lease in a new building. 

Move.Inc operates Realtor.com. 

According to Luke Glass who is the executive vice president of industry platforms for Move: 

“This is a critical step toward our vision of a single industry platform to manage listing, agent, lead and other analytics information in a single platform,  which is an important component for the largest brokerages and franchises that span multiple MLS markets,” said Luke Glass, executive vice president of industry platforms for Move. “Once the transition is completed, these listings will be protected under ListHub's stringent terms that guide the responsible and fair exchange of value between content owners and publishers, while brokers will have a single point of control through their dashboard. This model offers significant advantages to the industry in improved online listing accuracy, a single platform for MLSs and their largest brokerages and franchise members, and streamlined service for the publishers who strive to serve the industry through marketing websites and other software solutions.”   


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