Real Estate SEO | Google Maps | Red Square Boxes

Real Estate SEO | Google Maps | Red Square Boxes  

If you do a search for your keywords and you get the local google 7-pack ( or 6-pack or 4-pack:)) on page one on Google you may have noticed that there are red squares on the Google local map. 

The red squares with the white squares in the middle of them  are the top search results for businesses that match the query for the results on the page you are on.  So for instance, if you are on page one, the red squares will be the businesses on the map that show up in the top 10 businesses ( local). 

Temecula property management screenshot of the serps with google local map

You may also notice there are symbols ( icons) inside of some of the icons and some have a star. Google does not have a lot of icons for all the different types of businesses out there so they will use a little square inside of the circle if there is not an icon match. Some of the icons are shopping bags which obviously are used for retail and a knife and fork would be used for restaurants. 

But not all searches will show the same. A lot of google local search is determined with personal search. If you are logged in or logging on from different areas, your results will vary. 

The red markers with a white square in it are the top results. The little tiny red squares are the rest of the results. And the gold markers are for the paid ads. 

home health care screenshot with google local maps with results

This applies if your search pulls up the local 7-packs or not on your results page. Now tomorrow, as with everything ‘google local' this could all change:). Google continues to tweak ‘google local'. 


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