Real Estate SEO Still Works- RESULTS prove it!

Real Estate SEO Still Works- RESULTS Prove It! 

One of our Listing Experts Academy members is getting amazing results on page one on Google for his new keywords that he is going after. This broker owner dominates the short sale listing market in his geo area. However, since short sales are dwindling he knew that he needed to focus on another niche, this one happens to be property management. 

Property management in most cities is highly competitive and dominated by big box offices that specialize in management of multiple residences and apartment buildings. With that in mind we decided to go after longer tail keywords and focus on reputation management at the same time. 

Reputation management is important to all businesses now however there are some niches where it is vitally more important than others. Property management is one of those niches because one angry tenant can blame the broker for something that goes wrong and then blast the internet with all kinds of accusations along with bad reviews. So setting yourself up out in front on page one for many keyword terms is part of the best practices for managing your reputation online. 

Along with the membership in Listing Experts Academy, Sidney also hired me to do a strategy session with him to work on the best keywords to go after. 

Then he hired our virtual assistant team to help him get to page one on Google for the first set of keywords. 

Within 14 days ( 2 weeks)  he was on page one for 2 of his keywords (first set of keywords phrases)  and within another 14  days he totally rocked out the first page of Google. He has 7 out of 10 spots on page one on Google for the first set of keywords. This is what we teach in Listing Experts Academy because when you are going after the longtail keywords you get less traffic but the traffic is better qualified.

Real Estate SEO results Katerina Gasset Coach Katerina Business Strategist


This also means that you need to capture more of the traffic which does land on page one. By dominating page one with all of your touch points and verticals- you are front and center and the odds are in your favor that one of your verticals will get the “click”.

What are the common denominators for getting these results? Listing Expert Academy, Strategy sessions with Coach Katerina and the virtual assistant team to help implement the strategies.

Text to work with me: 561-502-1577.






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