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How to Build Your Brand on Facebook without Annoying Your Friends & Family

Facebook marketing outsourcing social media plans

How to Build Your Brand on Facebook without Annoying Your Friends & Family

This webinar was one of my favorite webinars I attended a few years ago. I am excited to be able to host this webinar training for you.

Facebook marketing outsourcing social media plans

This webinar is popular and space will fill up fast.

Make sure you register today!

Date:  Wednesday September 2, 2015

Time: 1 p.m. – 2 p.m.  EST

This is a totally FREE webinar. Just bring yourself to a computer near you:).

Register now: : https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/600054441474036481

I am inviting you to hear REALTOR® Shaun Nilsson, the social media expert behind CityBlast walk us through how he used his time-saving secrets to attract new buyers and sellers while NOT annoying the rest of his social media peeps.

This is a 100% FREE workshop. We will show you how to close more real estate deals using only your Facebook while projecting an image of confidence and a seasoned professional.

You will learn how you can outsource this part of your marketing to others and avoid wasting your valuable time each day searching for great content to share.

You will also learn:

  • The secret of Inbound Marketing &  how to use it to make more money.
  • How a rookie agent used Facebook to close 24 deals in his first year of business with over $165,000 in income.
  • How to 100% systemize your Facebook marketing, so you don't have to spend all your time on it.
  • What major factor makes Inbound Marketing especially critical for real estate professionals.
  • Live Q & A with the expert!

Reserve your space NOW for Wednesday's Totally FREE workshop and start doing more business through your social media.

Register Now: : https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/600054441474036481



Google Announces They Dropped Rich Snippet Author Images From SERPS

Google Announces They Dropped Rich Snippet Author Images from SERPS 

If you go to the Google Structured Data Testing Tool and add your sites, you will still see a preview of your profile photo but in the search pages we will no longer see our photos pop up. 

Google also dropped our circle counts. This is not just for real estate agents but for every search except we have seen some news media sources still having their logo showing up. 

Google authorship images no longer appear

John Mueller from Google said they did some “experimenting” and “discovered” there was no difference in CTR. Hmmm, that is not what they said before:). Even in the webmasters tools section Google was promoting everyone to do their authorships stating that you would get better CTR. 

Well, of course, you are going to get more clicks on search results with visual images than just text entries. Google is saying that this is being done to make the mobile search experience appear smoother. But then they have said things before that were not really true, so who knows! 

The chatter in the SEO forums and Google + communities is that all of our author images were distracting people from clicking on the ads, the pay per click ads. Some say big brands are complaining their CTR is dropping because searchers are clicking on images of people in organic listings. That does make a lot of sense although it is speculation. 

Whatever their real reasoning is, it is what it is. 

One more reason to understand that internet marketing is constantly changing and we should not ever rely on any one source for all your traffic, clicks or contacts. 

10 years ago

Posterous is Closing Down- Move Your Blogs Now

Posterous is Closing Down on April 30, 2013

We knew that this most likely was coming since Twitter bought Posterous almost a year ago. Most of the chatter around the internet social circles was speculation about why Twitter would want to buy Posterous. Most agree that one of the reasons was the talent of the design team and especially Sachin Argarwal ( CEO and Founder of Posterous) who is now the production manager for Twitter. And why would the production and design team of Posterous be so attractive to Twitter that they would buy Posterous for an undisclosed amount of money? It is most likely the connections Posterous has with Apple. 

Another reason that has been floating around is for Twitter to be able to test ads on Posterous before they roll them out on Twitter. Interest graph advertising is the future of ads and Twitter wants to dish those up for their users. 

So whatever the reason is will reveal itself over the next couple of years. 

For now, if you want to save any of your posts and photos that you have on Posterous you will need to export them before April 30, 2013 because they are shutting down. Posterous is not accepting any new sign ups. I would suggest to export your blogs and photos and then delete your accounts. 

Posterous has an export feature at the top of the page of your Posterous blog. 

This is yet another reason that I keep saying that you need to have your own web real estate! You can not rely soley on other platforms that you don't own because they get sold, the rules change and the landlords change the locks! 

Of course you need to use many of the web based tools, social media, forums and the rest but don't forget to own your own real estate on the internet! 


authored by Katerina Gasset

Katerina Gasset- Speaking at REOMAC Dallas April 9-2013

Katerina Gasset- Speaking at REOMAC Dallas April 9- 2013

I will be speaking at REOMAC in Dallas on Tuesday April 9, 2013 from 10:15 to 11:15 a.m. 
The topic I am speaking on is:

Top 5 Secrets to Social Media Success- 

Discover how to leverage, maximize and become effective in your Social Media campaigns. There are SO many social networks out there- Google Plus, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest- which ones should you be engaging on? 

Does it feel like there is too much for you to get done in a day and now you have to add on all this social media networking? Don't miss this session-you will walk away with actual proven steps you can take today to manage your social media engagement and become effective.  

If you are going to the REOMAC conference I hope to see you in my session!