Yahoo Shuts Down Yahoo Voices – Get Your Content Removed

Yahoo Shuts Down Yahoo Voices- Get Your Content Removed

I remember how excited I was to be approved as a Yahoo Voices writer about 8 years ago.

Yahoo Shuts Down Yahoo Voices Contributors

It really helped with our SEO over the years and especially on the Yahoo results pages. Yahoo Voices started 9 years ago. For some of us that does not seem like a long time to evaluate the use of a product and for others it is too long. Yahoo has decided to shut Yahoo Voices down on July 31, 2014. 

Yahoo is no longer accepting content for Yahoo Voices even in the month of July so if you have tried to add content, it is not going to be added to the network. This includes both Yahoo Voices and Contributor.Yahoo. 

All your content will be removed from the internet. So now is a good time to go and get any content you have on Yahoo Voices and Contributor and get it on your websites or saved in a file for now. If you don't remove it and you don't have a back up, it will be gone. 

The last payments will go out in mid August for July views. Any payments not confirmed by August 14, 2014 at midnight will be forfeited and Yahoo will not make the payment. 

What does Yahoo suggest you do with your content? 

Of course, post it to Tumblr. 

Yahoo bought Tumblr in May 2013 for $ 1.1 Billion Dollars. However, there is no numeration policy for posting to Tumblr. Yahoo has no plans of installing one either. 


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