Coaching for Real Estate Agents- Private or Group Coaching?

Coaching for Real Estate Agents- Private or Group Coaching? 

If you are ready to add coaching to your business then there are several ways to get that coaching. 

There are systems you can buy from big name guru coaches in real estate, there is one on one private coaching and there is group coaching.   real estate agent coaching with Katerina Gasset

The choice most of the times comes down your financial ability to pay for coaching. Private coaching is more expensive than group coaching but it is lazer focused just on you and your business. Systems coaching works great for the short term for many agents. The problem with systems coaching is that there is not a lot of flexibility, it is like one size fits all coaching. The success of those systems is determined by where you are at in your business, who well those specific systems will work in your area and in your market and mix with your personality. 

Group coaching is very affordable and the synergy that a group creates makes it a good fit for those who want to start with some coaching but are not quite ready to commit to private coaching. 

Private coaching is one on one. We develop your own systems and then you learn to delegate repetitive tasks so that you can work on income producing activities that have the best rate of return. There are many reasons to get coaching and there are many areas of the business that can be worked on. 

For instance, I just helped an agent create her dynamite listing presentation. The first seller she presented it to listed their home and is having their best friend list their home and buying a home from this agent. So three transactions from one presentation that knocked it out of the park. 

Another agent needed me to help her decided whether she should stay in the business or get out of the business because she was only making $28,000 a year. That is not enough to survive. She used a leap of faith to hire me and she went in just a month to making over $28,000 in a month. She made more money in a month than she had in one year. 

An REO broker that I coach has a ton of listings and gets more than 62 phone calls in one hour. I would be going insane! I hooked her up with our virtual assistant team who took over answering her phones for her and gave her a tiny bit of her life back before she had a heart attack. 

Another broker was tired of not seeing his wife and kids. He was doing great and did in only his third year in the business $8 Million in sales. But he hired me to help him learn to delegate and get his life back. The first thing we did was change his adwords campaigns and set him online to dominate with SEO- then changed the price range of clients he was attracting. He went from $8 Million to over $13 Million in just 6 months of private coaching. 

Here is his testimonial: 

I would highly recommend Coach Katerina as a Real Estate Coach.   She taught me so much and played major role in taking my business to the next level.  She offered  assistance in the operation of my business as well as invaluable training on Lead Generation and SEO.  While working with coach Kat, I saw my business grow from 8 Million in sales to well over $15 Million in sales.  She helped me how to do this with only one part time employee.  She also taught me how to build my own WordPress sites.  Her focus on Niche Marketing techniques helped me gear my business to more high end Waterfront buyers and this enabled me to do more volume with fewer transactions.  If you are interested in taking your business to the next level, you should hire Coach Kat.
Clayton Bonjean
Broker – President
Mainsail Realty Company
Contact me for private coaching. My private coaching slots don't open up that often each year. I only reserve several time slots for private coaching. My cell phone # is 561-502-1577. Call me or text me to learn more about private coaching. 
If group coaching is your better fit- go here to get started with group coaching for real estate agents with Katerina Gasset. 


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