Expired Listing Marketing Campaigns

Thank you all for filling out the survey of your top two questions you would like to know more about in Listing Experts Academy.


Here is one of the questions from the survey. There were a good number of questions about expired listings.


“Will you go over creating a great expired listing sales letter in this training so we actually have a letter for our area in the course?”


Yes, in our Listing Experts Academy training you will have an entire module on creating your expired listing campaigns. You will get the tools you need to create a sales letter to send out to your expired listing sellers in your market.


We launched a course two years ago called, Expired Listing Secrets. The content of the course has of course changed over time, even a short two years.


Expired Listings is one of our niche markets. We work well with properties that other agents could not sell. We will train you how to do this in your market.


My husband, Nestor and I were featured in the National Association of Realtors magazine. They interviewed us because we niched in Expired Listings.

Here is what one person said about the article in NAR Magazine:

In Listing Experts Academy you will be working on and creating your own customized expired listing campaign for your market. You will learn what works in some markets and what does not.


Just in case you are not on the Listing Experts Academy notification list, go here to get on the list:




We are launching sometime in October so you don’t want to miss out. There will be a limit to how many members we can have.


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