Join us on our Juicing Journey

Join us on our Juicing Journey as a participant or as a spectator, whatever works for you! We love your support!


My juicing journey started on January 2 – 2013 when the big “C” word stared me in the face! I will tell you, life stops abruptly when you hear you might have cancer. There is nothing that will make you stop in your tracks like a deer in headlights. Life as I knew it came to a screetching halt.


I wrote a post about it: An Unexpected Journey .


The ActiveRain Health Challenge came at a perfect time. Once of the biggest side effects of juicing my way to make sure I did not have cancer was that I lost weight! And not just a little bit! From January 6th when we started juicing to the end of January I lost 15 pounds!! That is awesome in less than a month!


Suddenly instead of working on my business and home, I was working on my health 24/7 doing a ton of research, soaking it all in, learning about natural alternatives and so on. I only go to the doctor once a year for my pap smear and phsysical. If I get ill, I see homeopathic ways of healing. I don't even take any over the counter medicines of any kind. I don't smoke, don't take drugs, no big pharma drugs or illegal drugs, I don't drink alchohol and I don't drink coffee.


Juicing Journey YouTube Playlist 

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