Listing Experts Academy – Behind the Scenes and How You Can Get Ready

Listing Experts Academy – Behind the scenes and How You Can Get Ready

While we are getting ready to launch Listing Experts Academy towards the middle to end of this month there are a few things that you can do in order to be ready for the trainings when they start.


If you want to be a listing agent- take the time to think this through. 

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Write down the reasons why you want to be a listing agent.


There are many agents who will join Listing Experts Academy that are moving from being buyers agents.
There are some agents who are leaving teams to start their own teams or just go solo. Doing so, puts them in the position to be listing agents. 


There are brokers and owners who have been in the REO side of the business for the last 7 to 8 years and are now transitioning back into the traditional side and want to focus on listings.  


Next, write down the time that you are going to set aside to focus on the goal of listings.


If you are not going to make the time to learn and market to get listings- you will not go very far. Planning and then executing your plans- make this is a priority. 


Make sure you have your support system set up now.


What are you going to do with the buyer leads you get? Do you have a referral broker to give them to so that you can get referral checks in your mailbox? Do you have a team member or a buyers agent that is working with you? Know what you are going to do with the assets that you currently have. 


Last but not least- Get on the list now so you don't miss out on the videos I am creating to help you be the listing agent in your market:

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