Listing Experts Academy- Video Training #1 is Live!

Listing Experts Academy – Video Training #1 is Live! 

Listing Experts Academy Katerina Gasset

If you are on my email list to get notified about the training videos to get ready for Listing Experts Academy- that email was sent to your inbox this past Thursday.


Please look for that email and click on the link that takes you to the first video in preparation for Listing Experts Academy. I go through what we will be covering in the 9 modules and also some of the bonus modules.


If you did not receive the email with the link in it – then sign up here to get my emails about Listing Experts Academy:


There will be a series of 4 videos in total. Please watch them as they are published so you don't miss out on getting into Listing Experts Academy. There will be a limited number of spaces and once all those slots are taken, the program will close for any newcomers.

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