Video #2 Is Ready- Listing Experts Academy

Video #2 Is Ready- Listing Experts Academy


Video #2 is a great training- the video starts off with the introduction from me but we move into the real training on slides in a timely manner. Make sure that you click the link inside of the video #2 to get to the training video.


Video # 2 is ready for Listing Experts Academy! - Real Estate Training by Katerina Gasset


Video #1 goes through all the 9 modules that are inside of Listing Experts Academy and a couple of the bonus videos.


How do you get to the videos? 


1. Make sure you are on the Listing Experts Academy notification email list.


If you are not on the list- get on the list by clicking here:


Get on the list plus 5 keys to Listing Strategies! 


2. Make sure you checked your email and clicked on a confirmation link that aweber sends out to you to make sure you asked to be on the list.


You may have to check your spam or junk email boxes.


If you still don't see the link please contact my office at 561-753-0135 and Cheska will get your info over to Joy or Leslie who will call you back and help you get a new link or some other remedy. 


3. Check your email from Tuesday. The link to the Video # 2 was sent out this past Tuesday at 10 a.m. and then later in the afternoon another email was sent out because the link to the video in the first email decided to take a hike ever after it was confirmed.:) ( Technology:)) The sender is Coach Katerina ( At Sign)


4. Check your email from Thursday last week. That email was from Coach Katerina ( At Sign) That email has the video #1 link in it.


One of the modules covers SEO and why you need to be on page one on Google and a map on how to get there.


One of the most important bonuses you get by being a member of Listing Experts Academy: SEO Updates – Lifetime SEO Updates! 


The reason I do the SEO Updates for no fee if you are a member is because as long as I have been doing courses like SEO To The Top and SEO Extreme I have always felt it was not right of me to charge money for the updates Google does to their algorithm. It is an ethics thing with me. It is an important choice I years ago that I would not charge when Google makes an update to report that update to you.


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