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Reminder: Wednesday – I will be the Guest Speaker on Realbird- Free- Get Registered Today

Reminder: Wednesday – I will be the Guest Speaker on Realbird. This is a FREE webinar! 

I will be sharing with you the latest in how to fly under the radar of the big ZTR's. 

Guest Speaker Katerina Gasset Realbird SEO Training for Agents

You will also learn the 9 best tips we use for SEO dominating. 

And we will be going over the touchpoints and reaching out through your verticals. 

Lots of great stuff to learn and apply to your blogs and websites and social media!! 

We have nearly 400 registered for the webinar so far. 

I hope to see you there! 

Go here to register: http://goo.gl/ex2g6U


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Katerina Gasset

I am a Certified Digital Marketing Funnel Expert helping entrepreneurs, small business owners and mid-sized companies with their online marketing strategies from branding, SEO, social media, conversions, delegating, productivity and project management. I am a speaker, blogger, author, mother of 9, wife and a Mormon. My passion is in changing the world one entrepreneur at a time. Live your dream!