The One Thing You Can Do Right Now to Compete Against the Big Z

The One Thing You Can Do Right Now to Compete Against the Big Z 

Now that Trulia and Z merged with Z on top their plan is to continue to compete on the SEO organic landscape with both companies in tact- so in other words- as some agents had hoped, they won't be combining their SEO under just one URL. Actually that would not be smart for business for them to do so. 

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Instead they will continue to have both T and Z at the top of many of the real estate search results pages. 

All is not lost for us agents who want to get our own seller leads from our blogging and other networking online. 

There are a few steps you should put in place before trying to rank for your keywords: 

1. Know your avatar. 

2. Speak in a voice that resonates with your specific avatar. 

3. Drill down to find the keywords that your avatar will use to find you. 

4. Make sure that you do your keyword research to measure commercial intent. 

Once you have those 4 steps in place you can move on to the one thing that will help you fly under the radar of those big ZTRs. 

Click here to watch this free 2 part short video tutorial on the one thing you can do right now to get on page one for keywords that sellers actually look for online. 

While you are at it, please like my Facebook fan page – this is where the video is. 

See you at the top! 




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