WEBINAR: 2017 SEO UPDATE on Wednesday at 10 a.m.

Do you want to know where SEO is heading in 2017? 

Have you ascertained any clues by your changed rankings over the last couple of months?

Yes, one thing you can alway be sure of and that is:

SEO changes constantly! 

There is so much going on with the Google algorithms.

Don't miss out on getting in the know of what you need to be working on in 2017. 

I will go over the changes  in the algorithm we have been seeing recently,

the updates that Google is telling us they are going to be doing,

and what is working for us in real estate!

Click here on this link to go the webinar sign up page-

2017 SEO UPDATE Webinar

After you enter your name and email address, you will be getting an email from GoToWebinar with our login details.

The best way to view the webinar is on your computer- a desktop or a laptop. If you are going to use your phone, make sure you use the GoToWebinar APP that you can download for free from the Apple App Store or your smart phone app store.

I will record the webinar but there is never a guarantee that it will work.

If there is a technical glitch, then we miss out on a recording. It only has happened 3 times in my 7 years of hosting and teaching webinars.

You have to be registered for the webinar to get the recording of the webinar.

So even if you can't make the webinar live, make sure to register for the webinar now.

Here is the link again to go register for the webinar: 



The webinar starts at 10 a.m. Eastern Time.  You are all welcome to join. 

At 11 a.m. I will move into the restricted access part of our webinar- this part of the webinar will be for Listing Experts Academy members, Fast Track SEO members, Website Clients ( if you ever bought a website from me) and my Virtual Assistant clients.


During this session we will go over a really cool SEO ninja tactic you can add to your toolbox for SEO moving forward. 


P.S. The webinar account I am using for this webinar is Realbird's GoToWebinar account so don't get confused when you see any messages from Realbird. It is me.



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