The Best Advice to Get More Business

The best advice to get more business:

When you first start your business you make personal sacrafices to get your business going. You get the support of your spouse, your kids, your siblings or your significant other. They are all behind you! They want you to succeed.

Then your efforts start to pay off big time, you paid your dues and now you are a top producer cashing in. But the problem becomes: there is only one of you. Then your family wants you back.

So there are three things that you have to do:

Work more on your business than you do in your business.

Delegate, delegate, delegate

And then the most important thing you can do is to: Take one day off each week.

If you are a Christian the day off needs to be Sunday. If you are Jewish then the day needs to be Saturday. If you are Muslim, then the day needs to be Friday. Keeping the Sabbath day holy will pay you back tenfold. The Lord promises you that if you rest on the Sabbath day and use that day to honor your callings- your church or temple attendance, helping the sick and the homeless, etc that your business and relationships will be blessed and you will be prosperous.

If you are not a Christian then choose another day of the week where you can spend time in reflection, contemplation, helping those around you and so on.

I coach brokers and agents who are at this junction in their real estate journey. They are on the brink of burnout. Without a day off, I promise the burnout will happen!

The best compliments I get are those from the spouses of the agents and brokers I have the blessing to coach. “Thank you for coaching my wife to take Sunday off, to go to church with us as a family on Sunday. Your coaching fee was worth every penny for this one requirement!”

It works, I promise you it works! Make a committment today, this Sunday, that you will take this day off of work each week or whatever other day you need to set aside.

And then be ready for blessings to be poured out on you!


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