What is the Object of Your Listing Presentation?

What is the object of your listing presentation? I hope you say, “to get the listing”. 

But most listing presentations that I have seen are full of what looks like to me as tooting your company horn. Nestor has this great saying: “It is not the real estate company that you select but rather the agent you choose that makes the difference.”   real estate agent listing presentations

An agent who just hired us to coach her came from a team where she was the buyer's agent on the team. She recently changed companies and wants to get listings. She understands the power of the listing. So she hired me as her private coach to help her develop her listing presentation and marketing packaging on and off-line. 

After three weeks of working on her listing presentation she got her first listing appointment. She was so excited! 

She knocked it out of the park!!! 

We received an email from her after her appointment: ” WOW!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!”. 

Not only did she get the listing but the sellers referred her to their best friend who needs to sell and also wants to build a house and needs representation for that as well. They did not even question her higher than average commission rate. She is going to get at least 2 listings and 1 sale from this one listing appointment. 

Her listing presentation is unlike ANY other agent in her market. She is setting herself apart from the status quo of listing agents. She gets it! Her presentation is about solving the sellers' problem- getting their house sold! Her listing presentation is about thinking outside the box and getting the sellers involved in the process. It is about connecting the right dots. 

I love to see the agents that we coach succeed! The leaps and bounds they make when being accountable and elevating their intentions ignite success that is measurable and amazing! 

Another agent that I coach was making only $28,000 a year and was about to quit real estate because after all working 70 hours a week for that kind of pay- well, you might as well go get a job at a fast food restaurant. Well, she took a leap of faith and did private coaching. In her first month coaching, she made $28,000 in ONE MONTH! Not one year! Last year she was well into the 6 figures of gross commissions to her. So from almost quitting to becoming one of the top 10 agents in her company in less than a year is AWESOME!!! 

We have opened up 3 more private coaching spots on my calendar. Please contact me privately if you want to get into private coaching and watch your business take off to the next level! 

authored by Katerina Gasset 


Listing presentations, marketing, real estate agent coaching

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